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21Dec 2017

CVS and Aetna Announce Merger

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CVS Health recently announced that is has reached an agreement to buy Aetna for approximately $69 billion.  According to a December 3 joint press release from CVS Health and Aetna, the combination of the two companies will provide consumers with a better experience, reduced costs and improved access to health care experts in homes and communities across the country. Advocates [...]

8Dec 2017

Congress Passes Different Versions of Tax Reform Bill

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The House and Senate versions of the tax reform bills affect several employee benefits, such as Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, Adoption Assistance and Tuition Reimbursement. See a comparison of the two versions of the bills in Mazursky Constantine’s latest HRBenefitsAuthority. Because there are differences between the two versions, the next step is for a conference committee to resolve the [...]

15Nov 2017

It’s Open Enrollment Season – Help Your Employees Choose Wisely (Part 2 of 3)

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The goal of this three-part blog series is to share information that may help your employees make better, informed decisions about their benefits during open enrollment. In Part 1, we described three psychological (or cognitive) biases that can negatively affect decision-making. We also provided suggestions for how you might present information differently in your open enrollment communications to help your [...]

3Oct 2017

It’s Open Enrollment Season – Help Your Employees Choose Wisely (Part 1 of 3)

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If your health and welfare benefit plans operate on a calendar year basis, you’re probably preparing for open enrollment this fall. As you develop communications to help employees choose their benefits for next year, keep in mind that despite your best efforts, your employees may struggle to make good decisions. People have difficulty making sound decisions for a lot of [...]

26Sep 2017

Student Loan Debt Repayment Benefit

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If HR managers had a magic lantern, they would probably wish for a benefits package that all employees would be happy with. Unfortunately, such a package doesn’t exist. Instead, they are tasked with creating a benefits package that caters to employees at different ends of the life stage spectrum. Older employees are working past 65, often because they are worried [...]